Jason Fredrick van Eunen

Jason Fredrick van Eunen

CEO, Co-founder PlaygroundVR, Netherlands

Jason van Eunen is the co-founder of MedKitVR and PlaygroundVR. Jason’s never-ending enthusiasm about how the world works and what makes people tick makes him wondering how technologies such as VR may benefit peoples lives. With educational degrees in the technology and innovation management field, Jason has multiple years of experience in how technology can change today’s world. During one of his degrees, Jason studied the opportunities and implementation of Virtual Reality in the construction


PlaygroundVR brings hospitalized children together in a virtual reality playground to play with each other. In this colourful and open play area, children can forget their treatment and play with other children, friends and family. rnrnWhen they put on the VR-headsets they will be immersed in a sunny, open playground environment. They see each other as virtual avatars, which they can customize as their own. Just like playing outside, children are free to do whatever they want and create their own games using their imagination. From balls, sticks to building blocks and snowflakes: anything can be used to play! And they can find all of this and more in our virtual playground. rnrnThe first virtual playground is already in use at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht. At this hospital, multiple children benefit from the play experience every day which results in great positive feedback by the hospital staff.


Stationsplein 45 the Netherlands Rotterdam Netherlands
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