Stefno Tamascelli

Stefno Tamascelli

CEO, CEO XTeam Software Solutions, Italy

Graduated from the school of Software Engineering of the Padua University (Italy) in 2000, have a consolidated experience in H2020 projects with the participation on 6 projects ( 3D TuneIn, SCENT, PLUGGY, MCI, MCI2, Victor ). Now he is working on artificial intelligence for the dementia’s study and to improve the listen experience of people with hearing loss / cochlear implants.rn

XTeam Software Solutions

rn- VR system for patient monitoring.rnOffers immersive distractions during scary or uncomfortable procedures and treatments.rnMinimize fear and stress experienced by patients and their families throughout the hospitalization.rnrn-Augmented Reality on AudiologyrnImproves audiological tests, in particular of sound localization, using augmented reality systems connected to a sophisticated environmental sound simulation system.rnrn- Cultural & TuristicrnPreserving Cultural Heritage with new technologies using state-of-the-art software and equipment for the preservation and digitization of Cultural Heritage content, applicable to archeological sites, monuments, museums, art galleries and so on.


Roma 833 45100 Giacciano con Baruchella Italy
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