Konstantin Startchev

Konstantin Startchev

CTO, CTO and VP of SSVAR SSVAR, Switzerland

I am researcher and developer in the domain of Computer Vision, Virtual and Augmented Reality. My current interest are in the field of immersive learning and humanoids avatars. I am VP of SSVAR from 2017 and project manager in SocialIN3.


We are the largest independent XR business network in the field. Our role in virtual, augmented and mixed reality is to work with businesses to bring enterprise and consumer solutions in VR, AR and MR to life. Our unique position in the center of the Swiss industry’s landscape gives us access to unlimited resources from industry leaders and specialists, ensuring that your project is delivered exactly to your specifications. Seasoned professionals in IT and many specialists coming from high schools and universities (ETH, EPFL, UNI, HES...) in immersive and augmented technology. We also organize tech events and meetups. (We had Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung etc. as events partners). We also organize training sessions in/out enterprises.


Chemin dess semailles 11B 1212 Grand Lancy Switzerland
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