Eleni Mangina

Eleni Mangina

Professor, Academic Faculty UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN, Ireland

Eleni Mangina is currently project coordinator of two (2) H2020 projects (ARETE & AHA), one (1) Erasmus+ (FANTASIA) and partner within two other EU projects (BASE, RoboPisces). She is currently a funded investigator as part of SFI ESIPP, an academic collaborator with VistaMilk SFI Research Centre (Milk by Design) and academic supervisor for two (2) SFI Centres for Research Training (CRT) (Machine Learning – ML-Labs; Digitally-Enhanced Reality – D-REAL.


The ARETE project aims to support the pan-European interactive technologies effort both in industry and academia, through the multi-user interactions within AR technologies evaluated in education in both professional and private contexts.rnrnThe authoring tools used within ARETE and the provision of access of the AR content developed for the broader community of users within the EU, will increase the European innovation capacity in AR.rnrnThrough systematic application of human-centred design approaches, ARETE will deliver highly usable, useful and desirable AR technologies and contents, leading to a wider uptake and further stimulate their creative usage.


University College Dublin School of Computer Science DUBLIN 4 Dublin Ireland
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