Cyprien de Barros

Cyprien de Barros

CEO, Chief Executive Officer Altheria Solutions, Belgium

Cyprien began working on AR/VR back in 2016 when he was a student at the ULB in Brussels. Back there, he created a VR project geared towards students. In May 2018, a first contract with the European Parliament ignited the engine, and Altheria Solutions is now a registered company employing eight people in total.

Altheria Solutions

Founded in May 2018, Altheria Solutions is a company focused on developing AR/VR solutions geared towards companies. Altheria is also pioneer in content creation for Light Field Displays thanks to a close partnership with Leia Inc, a Silicon Valley-based company.rnrnAltheria Solutions develops software essentially geared towards education & training, and is on the edge of launching its first-ever product called Logia. Logia is a toolbox that allows manufacturing companies to create their own VR training sessions.


Rue de l'Etang 6 6223 Wagnelée Belgium
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