Achim Harhoff

Achim Harhoff

Employee, Teacher Medienberatung NRW, Germany

->Teacher for Music and Biology -> currently on secondment as a pedagogical assistant at Medienberatung NRW -> musician, composing and producing digitally supported music for decades -> involved in video production and 3D animation/compositing for to visually support my compositions -> offered AGs on media production for lower secondary schools, the focus was on working with Blender 3D -> particularly interested in implementing 3D technology as an integral part of digital making in schools

Medienberatung NRW

Medienberatung NRW acts in the area of internal (teaching) and external (equipment) school matters. In this context, the team IT for schools offers schools and school authorities support in decisions concerning the planning of IT equipment conducive to learning. It observes the technical and educational conceptual developments in order to be able to derive recommendations.


Fürstenbergstraße 13-15 48147 Münster Germany
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