Juliet Brown

Juliet Brown

CEO, Documentary Director The House of Alternate Realities, United Kingdom

I am a documentary filmmaker and XR researcher & PhD by Film Practice candidate in UCL’s Anthropology department. Working with a research group of adults who all identify as suffering mid-childhood developmental trauma, this interdisciplinary project explores how the participant can take active steps using XR (extended reality), art therapy and gameplay to create what therapists call “a new assumptive world” (Frank & Frank 1961).rn

The House of Alternate Realities

I am developing a multi-platform 3D explorer game that draws heavily on the escape room genre. This interactive, serious game explores how video games can be used therapeutically. The narrative is being constructed by participant-led adult research groups based on their own experiences of being sent to boarding school between the ages of 4-13. They identify this experience as a mid-childhood "broken attachment" from their primary caregiver. If this prototype goes well then hopefully the tech could have wider use for other groups who have suffered broken attachments in care, fostering, refugee situations.


Connaught Road 33b N4 4NT London United Kingdom
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