Robi Pritrznik

Robi Pritržnik

CEO, CEO & Founder Foreach Labs d.o.o., Slovenia

Robi holds a BSc degree in Computer Science, he is the CEO & Founder of Foreach Labs, a young creative digital agency. Robi built his domain and entrepreneurial career in many IT companies, where he was responsible for developing complex eCommerce solutions and integrating new technologies. His greatest passion has always been researching and developing ways to integrate advanced technologies such as XR, which he believes are the future of a new way of interacting with products.

Foreach Labs d.o.o.

We focus on developing innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies. We are constantly looking for new methods and digital solutions to put us ahead of the competition. Our mission in not only to follow, but also to lead. We are specialised in development of XR solutions based on web and mobile platforms. Our technology stack is AR Core, AR Kit, Vuforia and AR Foundation on top of Unity or native development.


Štihova ulica 13 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
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