Mark Knowles-Lee

Mark Knowles-Lee

CEO, Head of Product FractureReality, United Kingdom

Mark is the co-founder of Fracture Reality, a Hololens2 software development company. He has spent the last 5 years focussed on delivering simple, powerful Mixed Reality solutions for enterprise, across many sectors. He is currently the product lead on Fracture's immersive meeting solution, Join XR, which is in private beta (Q4 20202)rnrnPreviously Mark has setup and run digital innovation teams, commercially successful games studios, and going back further had a successful career in 3d Technical


Join XR is the Mixed Reality meeting platform optimised for sharing and interacting with real world, heavyweight 3D data. Join XR lets you create rich presentations and share them in realtime with colleagues and clients around the world. Join renders your native CAD and BIM data formats directly using the latest cloud streaming technology. No optimisation process, no loss of fidelity.rnCreate your own rich presentations, mixing documents, images and video alongside 3D design data.rnrnFor more info on the Join XR private Beta, please contact


Hove Town Hall Platform9, Floor2, BN3 2AF Brighton United Kingdom
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