Sebastian Gsuck

Sebastian Gsuck

CEO, CVO MediaApes GmbH, Germany

As a specialist in 360 concepts and audio content and as an audio engineer Sebastian worked in many different music studios and areas which lead him to the head of a immersive agency. He is a co-founder of the MediaApes GmbH and a co-publisher for BMG. He manages and produces different artists and works on 3D Audio concepts (Binaural and 3D speaker systems). His dream is to make culture available to everyone. Combinig technology and experts brings state of the art experiences to life.

MediaApes GmbH

Auralite3D - immersive speaker systemrnImmersive sound VR/AR productionsrnRadioproductionrnSongwritingrnCorporate audio identity / Corporate audio designrnInnovation Consultingrn


Friedrichstr. 36 67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße Germany
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