Yoni Binstock

Yoni Binstock

Employee, WebXR Lead Dev innovation.rocks, Austria

Hi - I'm Yoni and I like to build exciting things with amazing people.rnrnMost recently, I've built web-based virtual and augmented reality experiences for education, retail, marketing, and journalism. My technical expertise is in Javascript, React, Three.js, and WebXR.rnrnTo get to know me better and see what I've worked on, you can visit my website www.yonibinstock.com.rnrn


innovation.rocks is an award-winning XR agency with more than 12 years of experience in the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for companies all around the globe.rnAs a consultant and tech-enabler of emerging technologies innovation.rocks supports global players like Porsche, Konica Minolta, Bentley, Carl Zeiss, Vorwerk, Audi and many more with its full in-house implementation in Vienna (Austria) to enhance brand awareness, customer engagement and business growth.rn


Ungargasse 64-66, Top 504 1030 Vienna Austria
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