Lucas Pereira da Rosa

Lucas Pereira da Rosa

Student, Student Feevale, Brazil

I'm interested to learn more about the use of Extended Reality for learning and training. That's the reason why I'm writing my dissertation (for my Master's in Creative Industries), focusing on the use of Virtual Reality to create learning objects to teach programming logic.rnrnI'm also interested in build solutions for learning with XR for cultural heritage and art because I want to help those who are always curious and want to learn more.rnrnWould love to hear about you!


My master's dissertation is about User Experience (UX) in learning objects in virtual reality environments. My goal is to understand UX for VR better and develop learning objects that help students and teachers in programming logic classes.rnrnAlso, I'm researching the use of VR and AR for tourism and cultural heritage.


ERS-239 2755 93525-075 Novo Hamburgo Brazil
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