Mark McGill

Mark McGill

Researcher, Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction GIST, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

I'm a lecturer in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. My recent research has looked at VR/AR workspaces, VR usage in-car to understand the role visual cues of motion play in motion sickness, telepresence and using mixed reality headsets to share experiences at-a-distance, and expanded virtual spaces through translational gain. I'm also part of an ERC project ( ) looking at the future of passenger mixed reality experiences.

GIST, University of Glasgow

GIST is a world-leading HCI research group specializing in multimodal interaction, human-centered security, social technology and mixed/extended reality. It hosts international research on a number of these topics, including the future of passenger XR (€2.4 million, led by Prof. Stephen Brewster), social AI (£4.9 million, led by Prof. Alessandro Vinciarelli) and data transparency and legibility (£1 million led by Prof. Matthew Chalmers).


Lilybank Gardens 18 G12 8RZ Glasgow United Kingdom
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