sergio azevedo

sergio azevedo

Employee, Senior Game Artist / Art Director InciteVR, United States

As a Senior Artist I have the Experience and Ability work on a wide variety of projects with varying styles and game mechanics. I can explore different genres and learn new techniques. Take ownership over a game and do whatever it takes to create games that are clearly unique, while working closely with fellow artists, engineers, product managers to make sure they are aligned with the high standards we strive for.


InciteVR uses their Immersive Learning Experience Production (ILXP) methodology to design, develop, deploy, support, and research immersive learning. Intelligent immersive learning with virtual reality (VR) supported by artificial intelligence (AI) is a paradigm shift that is already underway in higher education and professional training. The technologies, tools, and processes are available, affordable, and can go to scale. It is possible to design, produce, deliver, and assess a personalized learning experience "anytime, anywhere" with immersion, empathy, and a hereto unseen level of engagement.


21129 Highway 178 California 93283 Weldon United States
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