Nadia Afonichkina

Nadia Afonichkina

CEO, Co-founder of Time Travelers League Time Travelers League, Germany

In the world full of new technologies it is important to remember the heritage of the past. I live in Regensburg, a town with a history of over 2000 years. My current job is to analyse the business processes and to visualize the KPIs for B2B. Now I'd like to visualize the history of Regensburg & offer everyone the possibility to experience times long gone in a virtual city tour. I do architectual & general historical research and organize the demo.

Time Travelers League

It is easy nowadays just to make a photo in Peru and share with friends back home in Europe. It is possible to find the old black&white pictures in achives & see how people lived 100 years ago. It is hard to imagine that women in 17th century really weared the fabulous haircuts & pompous dresses when looking on paintings in museums. But what was impossible until now - to plunge on a saturday morning into the middle ages, simply staying in front of an old building of Regensburg, and the second later to go back in our times and experience the switch from the Iphone and BWM-society to the beggar and horse neigh atmosphere of the 14th century. We offer totally immersive educative guided historical tours on foot with VR glasses in Regensburg, Germany. Our mission is to share elation of feeling to be part of the something people could see only in the movies and get the unique knowledge of the times long gone - all of this in a AAA quality.


Weissbraeuhausgasse 1 93047 Regensburg Germany
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