Employee, Sales Director INO-VR, France

Based in Lyon, France, Ino-VR has been developing and producing virtual reality systems for professionals since 2016.rnWe are working to provide ever more powerful and easy-to-use equipment to help you focus on your VR use.rn


Ino-VR suitcases has been developed to provide a VR system easy to use and carry for professionals. Everything is already plugged in and installed, you are ready to enjoy and share your VR experiences in a matter of seconds. Ino-VR offers associated services to their products for the deployment of virtual reality in the companies.Accompanying you in your VRrnprojects is important to us so that you can enjoy your equipment with peace of mind. These associated services are : Financing (long-term-rental) Advices (Finding of best developers) and Maintenance.


Rue Chevreul 23 69007 LYON France
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