Employee, Head of XR HUB Munich Medien.Bayern GmbH, Germany

Silke Schmidt has been in charge of the construction of the new XR HUB Bavaria/Munich since October 1, 2019. Before she worked at the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs in the field of “Audiovisual Media: Film, Games and XR”, before that at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in the foreign trade sector with a focus on USA and Canada. As a trained lawyer she also worked in the EU Commission as a national expert on REACH after her first job at the Bavarian Environmental Ministry.

Medien.Bayern GmbH

The XR-Hub Bavaria is intended to make Bavaria visible as an international top location for XR and to further promote it. Its four pillars are research, development, application and dissemination.rnThe areas of research and development include systems development and man-machine interaction, but also core areas such as rendering, tracking, artificial intelligence, 5G and information transfer.rnThe application fields of XR extend from Industry 4.0 and Automotive to Health, Education and Creative Industries. In this context, the transfer of knowledge and the networks should be strengthened and the distribution of applications supported.rnrn


Rosenheimer Strasse 145e 81671 Munich Germany
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