Muki Kulhan

Muki Kulhan

CEO, CIO/ Executive Immersive XR Producer & Creative/5G Technologist Muki-International, Ltd , United Kingdom

Muki Kulhan is an award-winning, pioneering Executive Digital XR Producer, Creative Technologist & keynote speaker with over two decades creating ground-breaking content for music, broadcasting, entertainment, & tech innovation. Formerly MTV, BBC, ITV, & major/indie artists, she now runs her own production company creating Immersive XR experiences and R&D innovation strategies for A-listers such as BOSE, RAINDANCE, SXSW, ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS SPATIAL AUDIO FORUM, and Women in Immersive Tech (WiiT).

Muki-International, Ltd

Creative and forward-thinking CIO/Executive ImmersiveXR Producer and Creative R&D/5G Technologist with over two decades of professional, award-winning experience creating interactive and immersive content across emerging platforms & cutting-edge tech innovation, engaging fans via music, broadcasting and entertainment.rnrnExpertise: rn* Executive Digital / Immersive XR Producer for original and client IP creative development, storytelling via audio-AR, visualising UX/UI, insights (audience/market) & experimental production of Immersive formats (XR-360VR-AR-MR-Spatial Audio/AFX, Holo, Haptics, AI). Clients include academics, think tanks and conferences incl. R&D for IBC/Future Zone (Content/Advisory Committee Member), RTS, BSAC, ImmerseUK, BAFTA & more.


London England EU UK United Kingdom
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