Stephan Gensch

Stephan Gensch

Freelance, Head of Product Development Vragments GmbH, Germany

Stephan Gensch is a Berlin based freelance software developer and co-founder of Vragments GmbH. As Head of Product Development, he directs development of the immersive storytelling platform Fader ( and leads project development of individual VR experiences for customers, balancing project management, concept, design and coding. Stephan further creates visions to utilize Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality for smart cities within the Horizon 2020 project "Digital Water City"

Vragments GmbH

Vragments GmbH is a Berlin-based technology company founded in 2017 by engineers, developers, journalists and storytellers. We develop tools that enable people to produce immersive content themselves, one being the Fader platform ( We also do extensive R&D in XR, spatial interface design, business process optimization using immersive technologies, and much more. Within a current EC co-funded project, we optimize business processes for water utilities maintenance and build an AR app for public involvement.


Stargarder Str. 47 10437 Berlin Germany
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