Giorgio Koppehele

Giorgio Koppehele

CEO, CEO - Head of Content Magic Horizons GmbH, Germany

Brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele founded Magic Horizons as holistic platform for relaxation and mental health in Virtual Reality. They offer a wide range of experiences from passive, stereo 4K 360 VR Videos, real nature, Binaural Beats to interactive and roomscale VR experiences in computer generated imagery (CGI). All experiences are based on research by Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin. Cooperations with Deutsche Telekom (5G), King's College London, Huawei, Airports.

Magic Horizons GmbH

Magic Horizons offers deep relaxation states at the touch of a button: We are building a global platform for holistic relaxation and mental health experiences in Virtual Reality. For every stressed-out person worldwide: get out of the mental hamsterwheel (stress, burnout up to depression) which causes a multi $Bn loss over all industries. Dive into relaxing Virtual Reality: at work, at airports, in hospitals, in care homes, at home, before sleep. All is based on scientific research and a study for Magic Horizons by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. From real high-end Nature VR to CGI, from passive to interactive VR including gamification. One VR App fits for all. We have traction in the area of Telekoms, Inflight VR, “well-beeing” for employees (HR departments), at dentists. Clean content for a global audience. VR for good!rn


Lohweg 35 85375 Neufahrn Germany
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