Richard van Tilborg

Richard van Tilborg

CEO, Director CoVince innovations B.V, Netherlands

Making innovative concepts and technology applicable to a better society is therefore his driving force. He combines this passion with vision for the future with social / business insight. He directed/designed various (innovative) departments in a corporate environment and is building a nextgen learning system now: CoVince Aventurous learning. With AI, VR, AR and more.Richard is member of the Advisory Board for Virtual Reality Netherlands and cofounder of the Machine Learning Netherlands(3000+)

CoVince innovations B.V

CoVince makes Learning an adventure: more fun and more effective. Combining psychology and technology (Mobile / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Artificial Intelligence / Smart Sensoring) into experiences you’ll never forget. CoVince is scientifically based and accessible for all.rnrnClosing the gap between elearning and mixed reality, see


Reyer anslostraat 28 3522dj utrecht Netherlands
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