jakub kamecki

jakub kamecki

Employee, vp biz dev etee by TG0, United Kingdom

TG0 is the company behind etee controllers. We are London, UK based R&D start-up commercialising a platform technology to create novel tactile control products. Our technology leaps into exciting applications: tactile gaming, car interior controls, ergonomic computer peripherals, and high-end interactive products.rnrnetee controllersrnetee offers you a better way to play. No need to memorise your button layout. No need to keep hold of a heavy controller that makes your hand ache. Just slip etee

etee by TG0

etee controllers are wireless, lightweight, durable and designed to be worn on the hand for long periods. An ergonomic form, patented technology and long lasting battery make it the ideal controller for scenarios including VR and AR and conventional gaming, drone flying, home device activation and multiple Internet of Things (IoT) applications. rnrnUnlike legacy controllers, etee delivers on:rnrnFull finger sensing and gestural controlrnLightweight – approximately 60% lighter than Valve Index enabling longer and easier gameplayrnEasy to put on and take offrnSweat, dust and water-proof for improved hygiene and reliabilityrnLong battery life (16 hours standby, 6+ active)rnThumb trackpad to simulate joystick rnErgonomic, intuitive designrnProximity, touch, gesture and pressure sensingrnNo buttons for a more natural experiencernSimplified product user interface


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