Olivier BALET

Olivier BALET

CTO, Chief Technology Officer DIGINEXT, France

Dr Olivier Balet's is DIGINEXT's CTO, His areas of expertise include Mixed realities and advanced location-based experiences, interactive storytelling, 3D simulation and rendering, and authoring tools. He is the initiator and the co-organiser of the pioneering Virtual Storytelling conference series that became ICIDS — Interactive Storytelling. He has also been the initiator and coordinator of several major European projects in the fields of XR and authoring tools (CHESS, INSCAPE, MAGELLAN...).


Created in 1996 with the ambition to invent, develop and offer innovative products blending both real and virtual worlds for critical mission planning, training and assistance to mobile users, DIGINEXT is internationally recognized for its capacity to innovate, its excellence, its responsiveness as well as for both the quality and performance of the very high-tech products it develops for the Security, Defence, Aerospace, Transport sectors. DIGINEXT is a certified Mixed Reality Partner of Microsoft.rnrnDIGINEXT is the editor of the Inscape authoring platform (www.inscape3d.com) that enables the intuitive creation of virtual and augmented applications for various domains without programming.rnrnIt is also the editor of the VirtualGeo product (https://www.virtual-geo.com) dedicated to the visualisation of massive multi-source, multi-format geospatial datasets. VirtualGeo is used by many organisations as the rendering engine of XR applications.rn


rue René Descartes 370 13857 Aix-en-Provence France
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