Aida Otaola

Employee, Comms Manager Virtualware, Spain

Working in Virtualware along 14 years. A unique organization born in 2004, that pushes the boundaries of Virtual Reality, promoting the vast potenial of VR, helping companies and institutios to create a sustainable future that moves society forward.rnrnWhat I love about my role on this is the large amounts of freedom for innovation and growth specially in the VR world, I am part of the Virtualware team since 2007.


About VirtualwarernBorn in 2004, Virtualware is a unique organization pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality. Our purpose is to promote the vast potential of virtual reality and accelerate its adoption to help companies and institutions create a sustainable future that moves society forward. VIROOrnVIROO is a unique VR Innovation tool that places the full potential of Virtual Reality in your hands. The Award-winning VR Enterprise Solution of The Year simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality, giving companies and institutions the power to pursue the extraordinary by boosting innovation. Innovate in our reality, change the world.rn


Usausuaga 7 48970 Basauri Spain
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