Jeff Breugelmans

Jeff Breugelmans

Employee, co-founder AfterNow, United States

As a user experience enthusiast with a background in Human-Technology Interaction, I view technology as a mediator and user satisfaction as the key to success. By promoting innovation through sensible design, I strive to empower individuals and elevate the outcomes of our everyday interactions.


AfterNow is an award-winning augmented reality studio with a diverse portfolio of products ranging from practical applications including Beem, Blocker & AR-Pres, to large-scale entertaining experiences including Mixed Reality Easter Egg Hunt & Alien Wave. AfterNow is recognized for its unique UX process that has produced successful ideas for multiple companies.rnrnThe company's vision is to enhance the way humans interact with machines to work, learn, play, and socialize.


Culver Blvd 9415 90232 Culver City United States
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