Aste Amundsen

Aste Amundsen

CEO, Founder, Artist, Researcher Computer Aided Theatre , United Kingdom

Aste works in a range of creative, design and production roles across interactive theatre, immersive events, festivals, games and technology. Her practice spans experience-design, narrative-environments and digital-dramaturgy. Transformative worldbuilding and immersion for audience mobilisation are running themes in her work.rnAste founded start-up Computer Aided Theatre to build a platform for data-augmenting live, actor-to-audience interaction and innovate human-centred interaction design.

Computer Aided Theatre

Computer Aided Theatre Ltd is a performing arts digital start-up offering data-augmented, personalised interaction management for live, physical encounters.rnrnUsing live data to dynamically alter actor cues and narrative progression, CAT enables audience members’ choice, consequence and dynamic narrative development within immersive live entertainment.rnrnCAT’s vision is to extend the responsiveness of online gaming environments to real world events for the ultimate fourth-wall-smashing live experience.rn


Markfield Road Unit 1A2 Gaunson House N15 4QQ London United Kingdom
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