Luciana Gaspar

Luciana Gaspar

Researcher, Research Assistant Warwick Manufacturing Group, United Kingdom

Luciana Gaspar is a research assistant at the University of Warwick. She works exploring how smell and taste stimulation provides a more ‘authentic’ perception of XR experiences (customer's perception & emotional impact). Luciana is originally a lawyer (LLB) with years of experience in legal matters (IP and FDI) but science and business are her passion and building a versatile profile make enjoyable her days. Luciana holds two master degrees (LLM and MSc) and currently is a PhD candidate.

Warwick Manufacturing Group

WMG is an academic department at the University of Warwick and is the leading international role model for successful collaboration between academia and the public and private sectors, driving innovation in science, technology and engineering, to develop the brightest ideas and talent that will shape our future.rnrnThe visualisation group, led by Professor Alan Chalmer, have developed the ability to simulate, modify and deliver any flavour and smell experience in a safe, controlled and repeatable manner. By creating customised smells, and as appropriate flavours, and working via algorithms that link e.g the gameplay to the VR flavour accessory, this technology stimulates more senses and co-creates a more inspiring emotional impact on people within the XR immersive world.


International Manufacturing Centre University of Warwick CV47AL Coventry United Kingdom
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