Doron Friedman

Doron Friedman

Professor, Head of Institute The Advanced Reality Lab, Israel

Prof. Doron Friedman is the head of the Advanced Reality Lab (; the lab is highly multi-disciplinary, was involved in several national and international projects in the areas of telepresence, virtual reality, and neurophysiological interfaces, and intelligent virtual humans, and has published in top scientific journals and peer reviewed conferences, including Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Journal of Neural Engineering, Journal of Neuroscience, the Proc

The Advanced Reality Lab

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly active role in human life, and at the Advanced Reality Lab (ARL) at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications, we are studying this process in a multi-disciplinary perspective. We focus on two technologies: virtual and augmented reality, as possible candidates for the “ultimate display” together with brain-computer interfaces, as a possible candidate for the “ultimate interface”. Thus, our projects span human communication, neurophysiology, psychology, computer science, art, and collaboration with the industry.


PO Box 46150 Kanfey Nesharim 46150 Herzliya Israel
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