Kay Cheung

Kay Cheung

CEO, New Media Artsit (NFT) K À Y NEW MEDIA, United Kingdom

New Media Artist (NFT), TED Attendee, Digital Publisher, Visual Literacy and Visual Narrative Researcher, Visual Music Producer. Engaged in many years of international art education industry experience, she constantly explores the positive effects and effects of visual literacy and visual rhetoric on human society. She uses unique digital media to narrate higher-order visual spirituality to enhance the spiritual strength and significance of art culture in the world.


K À Y is committed to creating a new media visual music customization centre. Focus on the visual music experience of immersive digital content creation. It spreads digital aesthetics to art design, fashion retail, cultural entertainment, digital publishing, digital music, mental health and other cross-domains. To promote the development of the visual economy, innovative technology opens the key to a colourful melody for your soul. This means that a beautiful revolution in the colour symphony of the new digital age has begun. rnrnWe created a Banquet of Voices and Colours - New Digital Therapy (ARTISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR IMMERSIVE COLOR MOTION ). It is a dual combination of visual art and music. Today's digital age proves that the dual combination of vision and hearing is an important part of human health and economic development. rn


Level 18, 40 Bank Street Canary Wharf E14 5NR London United Kingdom
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