Oliver Kadel

Oliver Kadel

Freelance, Co-Founder, Audio Lead 1.618 Digital, United Kingdom

Oliver Kadel is an award-winning audio engineer and sound designer based in London. In 2014, Oliver founded the immersive audio production collective 1.618 Digital, where he is now an audio lead. 1.618 Digital specialises in audio production and postproduction, offering immersive and spatial audio solutions for 360 video content, interactive VR/AR media, mobile applications and podcast production.

1.618 Digital

1.618 Digital is an award-winning creative sound design studio offering audio production and post-production services, immersive & spatial audio solutions for 360 video content, games and interactive VR/AR media.rnrnHaving spent over five years delivering over 100 immersive titles, we provide audio solutions for the industry’s leading content creators and brands from around the globe. Our team of sound experts are equipped with the latest industry experience, research and cutting edge technology to help our clients with achieving their ambitious goals.rnrnWe believe that intelligent audio in the next decade is going to become a key competitive differentiating factor and an indispensable aspect of immersive and interactive communication, storytelling and brand advertising.


Isabel Terrace 13 E139DN London United Kingdom
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