Natalie Cregan-Evans

Natalie Cregan-Evans

Employee, Marketing Manager Igloo Vision, United Kingdom

I am part of the Marketing team at Igloo Vision, where we create shared immersive spaces that anyone can use. It's a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset.rnrnI've been with Igloo for a bit over a year now and learned so much about the XR industry. It's an incredibly exciting time for the industry as more and more companies start uptaking the technology. We are finding companies and institutions in a range of industries and disciplines are finding new ways to benefit from Shared VR.

Igloo Vision

Igloo Vision is the Shared VR company. We design, develop and deliver immersive 360° domes, cylinders, immersive workspaces and all of the enabling technologies. Stepping inside an Igloo immersive space is a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset.rnrnWe deliver from our bases in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Clients use us for three main applications:rnrnSimulation - Immerse your teams in any scenario - ideal for training, education and familiarisation.rnrnVisualisation - Bring your designs to life - with a fully-immersive, highly- engaging, surprisingly-affordable visualisation platform.rnrnExperiences - Engage, inspire and entertain - use wraparound sound and vision to create unforgettable events and experiences.rnrnOur technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with a wide range of existing business tools (like 3D design packages, CAD software, data visualisation tools, Google and Microsoft Suites, and many web-based tools).


Igloo Vision Stokewood Road SY7 8PF Craven Arms United Kingdom
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