Clementine FEUGA

Clémentine FEUGA

CEO, Co-Founder / Head of cultural innovation at PAXI Collectif PAXI Collectif , Belgium

Expert in business development, with 15 years of work experience on 3 continents - Europe, Africa, Latin America – Now based in Morocco I have Co-Founder PAXI a collective dedicated to collective immersive cultural experiences. Double Business and Culture curriculum, I graduated from a business school and also hold a master's degree in international cultural cooperation from the University of Barcelona and a BA in fine arts and art history from la Sorbonne.rn

PAXI Collectif

PAXI IS A COLLECTIVE DEDICATED TO IMMERSIVE CULTURAL EXPERIENCES FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION. Multidisciplinary expertise around a new generation of cultural experiences capable of (re) connecting young people to their heritage, positively changing attitudes and becoming a driver of sustainable development. 4 lines of activities: rn1. THE OBSERVATORY: Market analysis - Mass consultations - UX impact assessment rn2. THE FABRIC: Creation of pilot systems - Design & scripting of immersive experiences - Recruitment and management of multidisciplinary teamsrn3. THE SHOWCASE: Publication and conferences - PAXI labeling - Market prospecting rn4. THE GATEWAY: Networking B TO B - Intercultural Mediation - Intersectoral Dialogue


Rue des Paons 8 1160 Bruxelles Belgium
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