Manuela Chessa

Manuela Chessa

Researcher, Tenure track assistant professor University of Genoa, Italy

I am Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Genoa. My research interests are focused on the study of biological and artificial vision systems, on the development of bioinspired models, of natural human-machine interfaces based on virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and on the perceptual and cognitive aspects of interaction in VR and AR.rnI study misperception issues, visual stress and fatigue that arise by VR. Also User eXperience and training are a focus of my research.rn

University of Genoa

Research activities of my Departement:rn of my University:rnunige.itrnrnWebpage if the Joint lab DIBRIS-SimaV, of which I am the Principal Investigator. The webpage is still in Italia, and describe the use of MR for emdical simulationrn personal


Via Dodecaneso 35 16146 Genova Italy
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