Jozsef TOTH

Jozsef TOTH

CTO, Director of Business Development HEPENIX Technical Service Ltd, Hungary

Director of Business Development for leading solution provider private company HEPENIX in Hungary. Mechanical Engineering MSc with shared courses from Management. 20 years of Automotive and Nuclear expertise for Engineering Solutions, Custom machinery and Automation. Software development knowledge: previous managing director role in software localization at TEK. Leader for R&D projects in Industry 4.0, cobotics and focused applied research & experimental technology projects.

HEPENIX Technical Service Ltd

Turnkey solutions for custom machinery, automation and engineering solutions for leading brands of the automotive and nuclear fields. Assembly cells and lines, manipulators/robots/cobots, functional modules for assembly steps, engineering design and consultation, research and development for industrial technology, Industry 4.0, cobots, human-robot collaboration, safety. Clients include: BOSCH, Continental, Infineon, Valeo, IBIDEN, Framatome, AREVA, NPP Paks of MVM.


Petofi Sandor 39 H-2049 Diosd Hungary
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