Roger ter Brugge

Roger ter Brugge

CEO, Creative Director ImproVive, Netherlands

At ImproVive I have been creating social multiplayer VR applications. I am interested to connect with companies, partners and researchers to work on new projects. rnWithin my company ImproVive has been working on media solutions like games, online video, apps and complex websites sinds 2016. Before that I have worked as a manager and consultant at IT companies like Ordina and Atos, and in the past I have also worked on AI.


ImproVive is a developer of VR solutions. Our core focus is on creating social interaction and meaningful experiences in VR. One of our specialties are multiplayer VR solutions using full body avatars. By bringing people together in VR we have shown we can stimulate and facilitate non-verbal communication. ImproVive delivers business to business solutions for therapy, training, education, project support, and heritage projects. We also like to showcase new ideas in games and artistic projects. We enjoy collaborating with partners.rnImproVive has often managed complex projects, bringing parties and stakeholders together, to create innovative solutions.


Kleine Kopppel 58-60 3812 PH Amersfoort Netherlands
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