michel ruiz

michel ruiz

CEO, ceo kaviar tech Kaviar tech, France

I’m CEO and co-founder of KaviAR Tech, an augmented reality software startup, and our new “virtual travel” app KaviAR Gate. I bring a 30-year history of leadership and innovation in marketing, entrepreneurship and technology, with a vision is to solve problems and increase clients’ business success with the use of augmented reality.

Kaviar tech

About KaviAR TechrnFounded by Michel Ruiz, Anthony Merzouki and Wajdi Ben Rabah, KaviAR Tech is an augmented reality market software startup focusing on augmented reality content. With the use of the KaviAR application, anyone can place content in augmented reality though the screens of their smartphone. While the majority of North American and European consumers use a smartphone, augmented reality solutions have not lived up to their potential. KaviAR helps companies and brands to place the content of their choice, including images, video, a web link or 3D objects, in augmented reality—on any medium. With KaviAR, use Augmented Reality as a growth lever!rn. After this observation, all the studies show that this market (augmented reality) will become unavoidable in the years to come and that the totally generalized smartphone will be the vector of AR as a precursor of glasses. Using augmented reality allows a brand or a company to create a special bond with its prospects or custom


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