Anna Peshko

Anna Peshko

Employee, Sales executive GKEYLAB HOLDINGS LIMITED, United Kingdom

Started up in 2016 by a few IT veterans The Parallel objective was always to explore the power of Virtual Reality (VR) in order to bring greater efficiency in traditional brick and mortar business. The company has completed over 40 commercial projects providing customers with bespoke VR software solutions ranging from off-plan real estate walkthroughs to very complex training simulators in oil and gas and defence industries.


In December 2017 The Parallel kicked off R&D activity researching synergies between Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and VR technologies. The product that evolved since then is called CleverPoint, which is an enterprise and consumer hardware and software solution designed to collect and analyse biofeedback of VR end users.


Kennington Lane 170 SE11 5DP London United Kingdom
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