Julien Denoel

Julien Denoel

CEO, Co-Founder, MD, COO BODYSWAPS, United Kingdom

I'm a digital strategist with a focus on XR. I believe in leveraging new media and technology to transform people and businesses for the better.rnrnAfter nearly a decade spent between digital marketing consultancy and running award-winning XR agency Somewhere Else, I co-founded BODYSWAPS, an immersive soft skills training platform powered by VR & AI that is designed specifically for behavioral training.rnrnI'm a Guest Lecturer on immersive technologies at INSEEC London and CREA Geneve.


BODYSWAPS® is a complete training environment that uses VR and AI to provide adaptive behavioural training similar in performance to expert coaching and role-playing, but close to the cost and scalability of online courses.rnrnEffective behavioural training requires deepening participant’s understanding of organisational contexts and individual relationships, and the effect of their actions in that context. One-to-one coaching may be the gold standard of behavioural training but is expensive and hard to scale across a whole organisation.rnrnVR learning that leverages perspective-taking and personalised feedback principles has been proven to be effective at achieving outcomes with unprecedented efficiency.rnrnNow BODYSWAPS®, for the first time, makes that quality of learning available at scale.


Hackney Road 87-91 E2 8FE London United Kingdom
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