Marcel Reese

Marcel Reese

CEO, Founder, CEO Holotron Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

since 2015 working exclusively on the Holotron for life-like VR and remote operation of humanoid robotsrn2010-2015 postdoc at the Magnet Lab at MIT, Cambridge, USA. Research in nuclear magnetic resonance using DNP, building novel hardware, and structural studies of a protein of the influenza A virusrn2010 filed first patent for the Holotronrn2010 acquired doctorate in Physics, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and University of Göttingenrn2005 acquired diploma in Physics, dito

Holotron Technologies Ltd

We enable life-like VR with the a system for full-body force feedback and balance feedback, the Holotron.rnrnIt works with a full body exoskeletal suit which is also mounted to a larger robot, the motion simulator. The user feels and controls the forces the avatar feels and exerts by moving naturally while wearing the exoskeleton. The user is also suspended in the air and moved as a whole by the motion simulator. The motion and body attitude of the avatar is transferred to the user who now can control the balance of the avatar in any situation.rnrnThe holotron is the first system that allows for realistic walking in VR with force-and balance feedback. rnrnThe full body version will allow the user to feel everything in VR just like in real life. rnrnAlternatively, the user can use the Holotron to remotely control humanoid robots as if the user himself would be in the location of the robot. The user then can act just as quickly and prececily as a human whiteout travelling


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