Ivan Morte i Tamayo

Ivan Morte i Tamayo

Freelance, CCrO Birteyellow Ltd., Spain

Ivan Morte i Tamayo works in the VR domain since 2015 he is Google Trusted Photographer for Street View, publicly accessible works in the following links: YouTube channel “INMERSIVA” of 360 video VR oriented: https://bit.ly/32hhuNr And SAMSUNG VR channel: https://bit.ly/31hS4hg Founder of the RealLab working group he plan and develop the 1st Augmented Gastronomy experience The Gin Tonic experience: https://bit.ly/35DT5n1 Works with Briteyellow Ltd. in the xR side of Indoor Location.

Birteyellow Ltd.

Briteyellow Ltd. provides Indoor Mapping, Wayfinding, and Asset Management solutions for transport, retail and built environment operators that want to create intelligent spaces that improve user experience and unlock new revenues through Augmented and Virtual Reality.rnOur main products are: rnBriteLocate Platform rnBriteLocate is our Indoor smart mobility cloud platform. It brings together LIDAR, Virtual Reality and wireless fingerprint maps to create digital twins.rnBriteLocate Cloud PortalrnOur client portal for location insights.rnBriteLocate Location Engine (SDK)rnIs based on our patent pending Augmented and Virtal Reality Indoor positioning and navigation technology powered by Artificial Intelligence.rnBriteLocate Footfall Counter rnIs our smart people counting solution that uses HD imaging, WiFi, and Bluetooth positioning for more accurate footfall monitoring and benchmarking.rnBriteLocate Tracker rnIs our people and asset Indoor tracking system.rn


Avenida Tenor Fleta 2 50007 Zaragoza Spain
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