Piotr Juchnowicz

Piotr Juchnowicz

CEO, Co-Founder/CEO AnyShape, Poland

Long story short I am a software developer and I was bad at it :) so I started working as a project manager and business analyst in the engineering world.rnI was helping large companies on how to set up their PLM / CAD processes and how to manage their 3D data.rnI worked for Aerospace & Defence companies, power generation, automotive and many more.rnA few years back I've quit and become an entrepreneur


I was actually hoping that I can create the account first and then fill out all required info .... :) rnrnWe want to a build an online service called AnyShape.io that will allow you to upload pretty much any 3D model and then the AnyShape.io service will make it available and viewable via Web AR.rnrnFor example, a furniture company could upload their 3D models of furniture and then thanks to our service they will be able on their own website ad a simple link that will make this 3D model visible in AR just via the website -> without the need of an app.rn


PIekna 24 20 00549 Warsaw Poland
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