Ksenia Avetisova

Ksenia Avetisova

CEO, XR Women Nordic Founder XR Women Nordic, Finland

Ksenia is a true advocate of digital empowerment, human-centricity and equality. With a background in user experience and digital service design, Ksenia is driven by bringing the human perspective to disruptive tech innovation. Over the past years Ksenia has been exploring multiple dimensions of immersive experiences and their application in employee and customer experience.

XR Women Nordic

XR Women Nordic is the network that is meant to empower women to take a strong position in the field of immersive technologies, in Scandinavia and globally. It is a sisterhood of ladies passionate about XR and all its aspects. It provides a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, support in projects and initiatives in order to explore the full variety of use cases across disciplines.rnrnXR Women network enables women to connect with peers and collaborators, gain access to information, tools, skills development opportunities. We invite everyone regardless the gender to experiment, create, play with XR and reach beyond together, however the key target is to empower women.rnrnIf you are passionate about limitless possibilities of the virtual, augmented and mixed reality and you want to take strong role in shaping the future of immersive technology adoption, join the network and take an active role in building the future together.


Keskuskatu 1 00100 Helsinki Finland
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