Wojciech Kreft

Wojciech Kreft

CEO, CEO Unicorn VR World , Poland

Psychologist, career counselor, trainer, academic lecturer. An innovator combining new digital technologies with the creation of personal and professional development tools (Career Hackathon application, the CHANGE - city game).rnCreator and animator of the National Career Week. Founder and editor of the quarterly Doradca Zawodowy.rnExpert of the European Union Commission (Lifelong Guidance Expert Group). Author of reports and analyzes (among others for OECD, Word Bank, EU Commission).

Unicorn VR World

The number of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder is rising alarmingly!rnAccording to Autism Europe, 0.6% of the EU’s population is affected by autism it is ca. 5 million people (2009).rnOur solution is the mix of Magic & Technology.rnMagic: Some believe that the horn of the Unicorn and its teardrops have the power to provide cures for any sickness.rnTechnology: We build cloud-based on-line ASD therapy platform – where Unicorn, the magic guide, helps kids to build personal, safe VR space for learning and development.rnIn self-created, personal Unicorn VR World, every kid can in its own pace:rn•tlearn rules and social interactions, rn•tpractice perception, emotions, relaxation and communication, rn•tundertake different challenges and tasksrn•tbuild self-assessment and self-esteemrn•tand just have a fun…rn


Biskupia 18/20 04-216 Warszawa Poland
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