Tibor Balogh

Tibor Balogh

CEO, CEO Holografika Kft., Hungary

Tibor Balogh graduated as an electrical engineer at the Budapest Technical University and has extensive experience in the fields of holography, lasers, electro-optical technologies and engineering. Started his career in software engineering, then worked as an assistant professor at the Eötvös Loránd Scientific University - Budapest.rnHe founded Holografika, focusing on developing proprietary 3D light field displaying technology, known on the market as HoloVizio system.rnHe was awarded the Joseph Petzval medal, the Kalmár award and the Dennis Gabor Prize for his work, was World Technology Award finalist in 2006, has several patents and publications. He is responsible for the overall management of Holografika, under his management the company was recognized Red Herring Top 100 Europe, WEF Technology Pioneer company, won several EU and national awards. He formulates the company's business and R&D strategy, actively shaping developments in 3D technologies in the world.rn

Holografika Kft.

Holografika Ltd. is a private Ltd. company (SME). Being an R&D company, Holografika has been focusing on real-time holography and other photonic technologies, and follows a unique research path in 3D display technology, being the first producer of a “real 3D” Light-field display system. Alongside several 3D display generations, the company develops related technologies, like 3D acquisition, compression and formats. In 2005 Holografika Ltd. was a recipient of Red Herring 100 Europe award. In 2006 The World Economic Forum has announced Holografika as a Technology Pioneer. In 2008, Holografika won the „Best Exhibit” Silver Prize at ICT Lyon Exhibition and the Eureka Innovation Award in 2012. In 2014, Holografika won the “One to Watch” award at the GPU Technology Conference.rnWide range of 2D and 3D (stereoscopic and light-field) displays and projectors. Equipment for optical, mechanical, electrical and mechanical design, prototyping and measurements, software development environment, and rendering / computation clusters to facilitate real-time and offline 3D image generation and general computations.


Baross u. 3. 1192 Budapest Hungary
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