Jonathan Levain

Jonathan Levain

CEO, Founder & Creative Director of Digital Sprayers Digital Sprayers, Netherlands

Jonathan Levain graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019 as a communication designer. Based in Eindhoven (NL) and Paris (FR), he works on various social topics with a graphic, interactive and digital approach. His practice explores the primal human need to express and interact with society and the living environment. He launched in October 2019, a AR social platform called Digital Sprayers, that let's users create digital graffiti and interact with each others in the urban space.

Digital Sprayers

Digital Sprayers is a smartphone application that turns your phone into a spray can! This social platform uses augmented reality by enabling young generations to spray tags and graffiti on city walls and saved them on location in order for others to see. Built to make freedom of speech more inclusive in the urban landscape, Digital Sprayers turns the urban space into a playground of expression and aims to stimulate young people to create responsive communities. Open in Eindhoven on iOS, the app is set to launch in many cities worldwide where urban expression and creativity is being restrained.


Van Brakelstraat 3 5612GP Eindhoven Netherlands
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