Francois Klein

Francois Klein

CEO, Immersive Producer Digital Rise, France

François Klein is a movie producer specialized in new technologies. In 2013, He got interested in Virtual Reality and 360 movies. He joins DVgroup as VR-S3D advisory producer for fictions and documentaries and works on several projects including award-winning documentary The Real Thing, and the first immersive VR theatre piece Alice, the virtual reality play. In 2017, he writes a book to share his best use knowledge in VR production and creative process. In 2018, he starts Digital Rise, a creative production company dedicated to virtual reality and immersive storytelling. His work lead VR pieces to major festival such as Sundance, SXSW, Doc Sheffield, etc.

Digital Rise

Founded in 2016 by Producer François Klein and Stereograher Thomas Villepoux DIGITAL RISE is an international creative producer for innovative fictions and new forms of storytelling. We design and build immersive experiences to push forward digital entertainment through stories that questions audience perception of reality.


rue Scandicci 34 93500 PANTIN France
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