Gurcan Serbest

Gürcan Serbest

CEO, Founder Negentra, Turkey

Gürcan has been working on game and simulation systems since 2006. He has been dealing with XR for the past 4 years who developing custom XR games & experiences. Gürcan was named one of the heroes of $400M game export by TurkishTime Magazine in 2016. He is currently continuing his career in the xr technologies.


Negentra, which adopted being among leading companies in the sector as a principle thanks to its experiences and dynamic team in fast-growing information sector in Turkey, has been established in Technology Development Center situated in Anadolu University Yunus Emre Campus by the grants of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) to be active in serious computer games, corporate extended reality applications and simulation systems. Negentra is a game development studio that pioneered the development of extended reality games and experiences for corporate customers along with the Imece Studio brand in its possession. The experiences that it designs are used for demonstration or entertainment at meetings, encouragement training, conferences and fairs. Despite the fact that the expanded reality technologies are still very new, they have already developed solutions for more than 40 brand.


Yesiltepe Mah. Ismet Inonu 2 Cad. No:2/57-5 26190 Eskisehir Turkey
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