Joao Caiado

João Caiado

CEO, Founder & CEO Mirage Virtual Reality, Portugal

Hello,rnrnMy name is João Caiado, I am very passionate about XR, and this August I founded my first company at 27 years old, and I currently have 2 employees.rnIt´s called Mirage Virtual Reality, and we want to innovate the real estate industry through XR, at an International level.rnrnWe are very young and I reached out to you because in Portugal Is not easy to get international exposure neither financing for such hardware and software consuming venture!rnI would also love to meet more people!rn

Mirage Virtual Reality

At Mirage Virtual Reality we deliver hyper-realistic imagery enhanced to deliver cutting-edge spatial 3D experiences for the real estate industry.rnrnWe provide expertise in VR & AR, architecture, design and programming and leverage on the same technology as the gaming and motion picture industries, to create disruptive and innovative visualization tools.rnrnOur solutions are aimed at streamlining the Real Estate Development process and optimizing it’s ROI, by offering customizable services that will bring you closer to clients, more frequently, efficiently and anywhere.


Av.Marginal 6912 2765-587 Cascaus Portugal
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