Matej Rejnoch

Matej Rejnoch

CEO, Chief Executive Officer Tasty Air s.r.o., Czech Republic

Tasty Air s.r.o.

We are a young but experienced company. We are a team of professional developers with more than 40 years of experience in software and game development. Since we started developing already in the 90s, we got over 19 years of experience in the areas of programming, graphics, and animation.rnrnVR staff trainingrnWe will take your new or current employees to your company’s environment in VR and we will teach them how to work with expensive machines. Comprehensive tests included. Just like in driving school.rnrnTailored AR applicationsrnFor catalogues and online stores, we can convert any product and transfer it to augmented reality. Customers can view it on their smartphones or tablets in the comfort of their homes.rnrnVR occupational safetyrnAs part of the cost efficiency and health risk prevention, you will be able to teach your employees everything they need before they even start working at a risk workplace.


Jizni 2164 17 70030 Ostrava Czech Republic
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