Ivon Bensason

Ivon Bensason

Freelance, Attorney at Law IP Rights / Co-director Koç University Karma Mixed Reality Lab KOÇ University , KARMA Mixed Reality Lab , Istanbul, Turkey

I am experienced in working with clients and brands creating added value and products that can be monetized through smart Intellectual Property Management Strategies. I provide consultancy in IP Law, and representation services including contract negotiation and project coordination. My clients' business ventures differ between multinational Film Productions to Research Institutes of Innovative New Media Technologies, Interactive Mixed Realities. I visit Markets, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions

KOÇ University , KARMA Mixed Reality Lab , Istanbul

Koç University, KARMA Lab has been established in 2019, with funding from İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA). KARMA Lab, equipped with AR/VR, IoT, BioSensor, Motion Capture hardware and software, puts together expert teams of graphics and narrative artists, AR/VR/XR developers, psychology and neuroscience specialists, engineers and computer scientists together to research on and design tailored solutions for learning, healthcare, cultural heritage, and production. KARMA Mixed Reality Laboratory of Koç University is founded with the mission of research, development and application of new interactive media technologies (AR/VR/XR) for scalable use on socially beneficial domains. KARMA Lab;rnrn(1) opens education programs designed for the need of individuals from creative industries, decision makers, or design and development teams in the industry,rn(2) provides consultancy or design and development service for XR projects, and rn(3) conducts design research for novel XR exper


Koç Üniversitesi KARMA Gerçeklik Laboratuvarı Rumelifeneri Yolu Sarıyer 34450 İstanbul Turkey
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